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Tibco Interview Questions - 2

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11.What activities are supported in XA Transaction ?

The XA Transaction type allows:

  • JDBC activities
  • ActiveEnterprise Adapter activities that use the JMS transport
  • JMS activities

to participate in transactions.
Note:For JMS activities and ActiveEnterprise Adapter activities, request/reply operations cannot participate in an XA transaction. Also, EJB activities cannot participate in an XA Transaction group.

12.What are the possible Error output's of Read File activity?

Integration can be at different application layers:

  • FileNotFoundException :Thrown when yhe file does not exist.
  • UnsupportedEncodingException:Thrown when the text file’s encoding is not valid and the content of the file is read into process data.
  • FileIOException :Thrown when an I/O exception occurred when trying to read the file.

13.What is the purpose of the inspector activity ?

The Inspector activity is used to write the output of any or all activities and process variables to a file and/or stdout. This is particularly useful when debugging process definitions and you wish to see the entire schema instead of mapping specific elements to the Write File activity.

14.What are the maximum/minimum of threads available for incoming HTTP ?

The maximum/minimum of threads available for incoming HTTP : 75/10

15.How can unauthorized users be prevented from triggering a process ?

Unauthorized users be prevented from triggering a process by giving 'write' access for the process engine to only selected users. Only users with 'write' access can do activities like deploying applications, starting/stopping process engines etc.

16.What are the mandatory configuration parameters for FTP Connection & FTP with firewall ?

The mandatory configuration parameters for FTP Connection

  • FTP host
  • Port
  • Username & Password>

If Firewall is enabled in addition the proxy host and port are required. to design a process such that depending on number of records updated in a database, 3 different sub-processes may be called ?

Define 3 transitions from JDBC update with condition on the no of updates and call appropriate child processes.

18.How to use legacy .dat file format with latest designer ?

Convert .dat file to multi file project using Administration tab while starting up Designer(Other one being Project tab) and then open the multifile project in the normal way.

19.What are the encodings supported by designer ?

Encodings supported by designer are

  • ISO8859-1(Latin-1)
  • UTF-8

20.What are the 4 main panels of the Designer window ?

The 4 main panels of the Designer window are

  • Project panel
  • Palette panel
  • Design panel
  • Configuration panel

21.How do you determine if there are broken references in the project?

Project -> Validate for deployment

22.Where are the Designer preferences stored ?

Designer preferences stored are stores in a file called 'Designer <ver>.prefs' in the user home directory.

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