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Tibco Interview Questions - 4

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43.What is difference between shared variable and job shared variable ?

  • Both of them can be manipulated via the palette resources 'Get shared variable' and 'Set shared variable'.

  • A job shared variable is private to one instance of job or in other words each job has a fresh copy. In the case of shared variable the same copy is shared across all job instances. It can even be persisted and can survive BW engine restarts and even shared across multiple BW engines(when deployed using DB persistence).

44.How do wait-notify resources work ?

Basically wait and notify should share a common notification configuration which is just a schema definition for data that will be passed from notifier to waiter. Specific instances of waiter & notifier are corrrelated via a key.

For example: when one process is in wait state for key 'Order-1', it waits till another process issues a notification with the same key value.

45.What is the default Axis in XPath ?

Child axis- What this means is that when you select "BOOK" from the current context, it selects a child node with that name, not a sibling with that name. Other axes are parent , self , sibling etc.

46.What are the output formats for XSLT?

  • XML
  • HTML
  • Text

47.What does ' Success if no matching condition' transition mean ?

Lets say between two nodes N1 and N2, there are 3 success transitions with condition and there is no success transition without condition. If none of the conditions match then a 'Success if no matching condition' transition can be used. Also if there is a success transition and also success transitions with condition and if the condition matches then both the sucess transition (no condition) as well as the transition(s) with matching conditions are followed. So you can use 'Success if no matching condition' to prevent duplicate paths of execution.

Success if no matching condition

48.What is the Purpose of $_error variable ?

$_error variable is available in the node following the error transition. It captures the error message, error code etc.

49.What are the cases where business process cant proceed correctly subsequent to restart from a checkpoint ?

  • Sending HTTP response, confirming an email/jms message etc. This is because the confirmation or sending HTTP response has to done in the same session. When engine crashes these sessions are closed at their socket level. In such cases send response/confirm before checkpoint.

50.Which group do you use to wait for multiple events and proceed with the first to occur ?

A 'Pick First Group'.

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