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Tomahawk Stylesheet

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  1. Introduction
  2. Tag Attributes
  3. Example


The t:swapImage tag allows an image to be swapped as a consequence of various client-side events, such as onclick, ondblclick, or onkeypress.

Tag Attributes

AttributeDescription   Type    

The activeImageUrl attribute specifies the path to the image to be displayed when the image is in an active state.

align The align attribute is a standard HTML attribute that specifies this element's horizontal alignment. String
alt The alt attribute is a standard HTML attribute that sets the alternate textual description rendered by this component. String
binding The value-binding expression linking this component tag to a backing bean property (of type UIComponent or appropriate subclass) String
border The border attribute sets the pixel width of the border to be drawn around the table. String
dir The dir attribute is a standard HTML attribute that overrides the default text directionality for this component. The values accepted for this component are "LTR" (left-to-right) and "RTL" (right-to-left). String
height The height attribute specifies the height of this component. String
hspace The hspace attribute defines the horizontal space around the component. String
id The unique identifier value for this component. The value must be unique within the closest naming container (e.g.,h:form or f:subview).This value must be a static value. String
ismap The nodeClass attribute defines the CSS class to be applied to nodes in the tree. String
lang The lang attribute is a standard HTML attribute that sets the code describing the language to be used in the markup generated by this component. String
longdesc The longdesc attribute defines the long descriptive text for this component. String
onclick,onSubmit,.etc., DHTML Events String
rendered A value-binding expression that evaluates to a Boolean condition indicating if this component should be rendered. String
style The style attribute sets the CSS style definition to be applied to this component when it is rendered String
styleClass The styleClass attribute sets the CSS class to apply to this component when it is rendered. String
swapImageUrl(required) The swapImageUrl attribute specifies the path to the image to be displayed when the image is in a rollover state. String
title The title attribute is a standard HTML attribute that sets the tooltip text to display for the rendered component. String
url The url attribute specifies the image used by this tag. It is an alias for the value attribute. String
usemap The usemap attribute specifies the client-side image map to be used by this tag. String
value The value attribute takes a value-binding EL expression (e.g.,"#{myBean.myProperty}") that identifies the object or literal String value (e.g.,"foo") to assign to the alias.String
vspace The vspace attribute defines the vertical space around this component. String
width The width attribute specifies the width of this component. String


<title>DevelopersBOOK.COM- Learn from real world</title>
<t:stylesheet path="/css/tStyleSheetTest.css"/>
<h:outputText value="Test for"/>
<code>t:stylesheet</code> Tag<br />
<a href=''>Test It!</a>.

Output is as follows :
Test for t:styleSheet Tag
Test It!

 t:selectOneRadio Tomahawk Tag Home


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