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Tomahawk ValidateEqual

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  1. Introduction
  2. Tag Attributes
  3. Example


The t:validateEqual tag allows you to validate user input by comparing it with another backing bean property. This is useful, for example, when validating a password or an e-mail address twice.

Tag Attributes

AttributeDescription   Type    
message The message attribute defines an alternate validation message for this tag.String
for(required)The for attribute is the id of the component this component extends or is part of. The id of the component that must match.String
summaryMessageAlternate validation error summary message format string.String


<h:outputLabel for="password1" value="Password"/>
<t:inputSecret> value="#{login.password}" id="password1">

<h:outputLabel for="password2" value="Confirm Password"/>
<t:inputSecret id="password2">  
<t:validateEqual for="password1"
        message="The two password entries do not match"
 t:validateEmail Tomahawk Tag Home t:validateRegExpr 


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