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webMethods Interview Questions - 3

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33.How to use SEQUENCE as the Target of a BRANCH?

Set evaluate label property of branch step to true. Then set the label property of sequence with the value on which it needs to be processed.

34.How to Restore a Session on a Server?

Developer gets disconnected from the server if the server goes down or if there is a problem in the network. Donot close the developer.If you close the developer you wont be able to save the changes.Once the server come up or the network problem is resolved. you will be automatically connected to the server and then you can retsore your session.

35.How to open a session on a different server?

Select "session" from the menu in toolbar and click open. key in the server IP and port on which you have to open the connection.The user name and password on that server.

36.How ACLs Affect locking?

ACLS are used to give the authorization to the particular user groups.If u give ACL to administrator then the admin group users who are there in that group they can have the acess to that particular service.Otherwise we can not use it.This is called ACL locking.

37.How to Change the Order of Steps in a Flow Service?

We can change the Order of steps in a Flow Service of Various other services which are called in sequence within Flow service using "Shift Up and Shift Down" buttons exists at top of Editor Panel.
As well we can move any service or Map inside a SEQUENCE or BRANCH using "Shift Left and Shift Right" buttons

38.When and why should we use transformers and flow services? How are they different from each other?

Mapping is the process of performing transformations to resolve data representation differences between services or document formats. By linking variables to each other on the Pipeline tab, you can accomplish name transformations and structural transformations. However, to perform value transformations you must execute some code or logic.
Developer provides two ways for you to invoke services: You can insert INVOKE steps or you can insert transformers onto the Pipeline tab. Transformers are the services you use to accomplish value transformations on the Pipeline tab.

39.What are Structural transformations ?

Splitting one field into several or merging fields, reordering portions of a message or renaming fields are know as structural transformations

40.How to Move Flow Steps?

Open the webMethods developer in EditPrespective.Select the flow step u wanna move just drag it to the place u want to move.Otherwise use the arrow buttons on the editor pannel to move the selected flow steps.

41.How to remove a system lock from an element?

System locks can be removed by making the server side files of the element as redable.right Click on the elemet in developer which is system locked.and choose the lock properties. It will display the server side files for the element.Make the files as readable and click the referesh button in the developer.You will find that the element is no more locked.

42.How to Find Elements in the Navigation Panel?

Just right click on the element ehich u want to see then u click Locate in navigation option then u can see that element in the navigation panel

43.How to find dependents of a selected element on the server?

Right click on the element for which you have to find the dependents in the navigational pannel.and click on the option find dependents.

44.How do I change the JVM used by Integration Server?

To change to the JDK used by webMethods you will need to edit the IntegrationServer\bin\server.bat or IntegrationServer/bin/ file used to start up Integration Server.
Edit the file and change the following line to point to the JDK path

SET JAVA_DIR=C:\opt\j2sdk1.4.2

45.How do I debug the Developer IDE itself ?

Start the developer up in debug mode, similar to the Integration server:

cd pathToWMInstall/Developer/bin
developer.bat -debug 10

46.What is the difference between drop and delete pipeline variable?

Drop pipeline is an explicit cleanup. It is a request for the pipeline to remove a variable from the available list of variables and make the object it refers to available for garbage collection by the Java Virtual Machine.
Delete is purely a design time operation to remove the variable from the current view. It is only of use if you have created a variable that you didn't mean to create. If you delete a variable that was there because it was previously in the pipeline when you change the view in developer you will see the variable appear again.

47.How do I see the java code for my flow service ?

Flow is not turned into java code. It resides on disk as XML representing the flow operations which is then parsed and turned into an in-memory java tree of the operations. Although the underlying code that implements the flow operations is java, it is stored on disk as XML.

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